Verified issues with REV version


We are continuously working to provide you with a flawless experience. Despite our best efforts there are still a few issues with REV that will be resolved in our future builds. These are the issues in our current build (REV version


1.Sending Email fails for file sizes larger than 20 MB

Emailing images works for file sizes up to 20 MB but fails for images which are larger in size than 20 MB. Please download pdfs while we fix this issue.

2. New images added to batch processing and search do not get added to the end of the queue

When users want to add new images to a batch that is already being processed or want to edit an old document by adding images to it in search view, the new images added should ideally be placed at the end of the previous images. Currently this works but with some minor glitches.

3. Importing images has problems when users try to import multiple individual images and one of them fails.

If  a user is trying to import 25 individual images in Rev and image number five fails to upload for any reason, ideally the rest of the other 24 images should get imported into Rev. Currently this does not happen and the import process gets stuck at image number 5.