Rev has been released

This build contains the following improvements,

  1. Fixed issues related to re-ordering of images in capture and search views

Re-ordered images were not getting saved at one go, instead we needed to re-order images more than once for it to get saved in the new pattern or arrangement. We have now fixed this issue and re-ordered images get saved at one go.

  1. Batch Processing has been updated

Batch processing is one of our most used features. We have further updated it to make your experience more enjoyable and productive by improving image processing speeds including the processing of images dragged into Rev. We have also added the option to delete images in focus using the alt+delete keyboard combination.

  1. Download original option has been moved and placed under the distribute icon

As per requests from our users we have moved the ‘download original’ option from the left-hand corner of the image alongside the image selection checkbox and full screen view icon and placed it under the distribute icon along with emailing images and printing PDF.

  1. Navigate through documents in Search view

Until now it was a time-consuming process for users to go back to the search listing page to move on to the next or previous document. Now you can simply scroll to the next or previous document using the show next or previous document icons on top of the search page.


Our engineering team is continuously working to provide you a better REV experience. These are some issues that we hope will be fixed in our upcoming release. You can continue to use Rev with the suggested workarounds to these issues.

  1. Email fails for files sizes larger than 20 MB

Emailing images works for file sizes up to 20 MB but fails for images which are lager in size than 20 MB. Please download pdfs while we fix this issue.

  1. Deleting images in capture has some glitches

After we delete an image in capture rev stops responding to keyboard commands such as page down and alt+dlete. Please hit the tab key or shift+tab key after deleting images in capture to resume using keyboard commands page down and alt + delete until we resolve this issue.

In a batch if we scroll to image number 10 and delete it image number 11 should come into focus next, instead focus moves to image number 1 in the batch. Please manually scroll to the required image number after deleting until we fix this issue.


  1. Search speed has become slower as compared to earlier versions

We are experiencing higher loads on our infrastructure and noticed that the average search performance has degraded to 8 -12 seconds, we are improving our infrastructure to bring it back to under 3 seconds


  1. The speed of downloading printable PDF is slower than desired

We are working to improve performance of downloading printable PDF files