Features and Benefits of REV DMS


1. An overview of Document Management Systems

Documents, by definition, are pieces of recorded information that can be encapsulated as specific data units. A document management system (DMS) is the software that captures and organizes these units throughout various types of organizations. Document management relies on the proper storing and tracking of electronic files and electronic images of paper files captured through the use of a device such as a scanner or a camera. In simple terms, a DMS is the repository of all your digital files whether they are created or captured using an electronic device.

Metaphorically speaking, a DMS is like the bloodstream of an organization that supplies the various organs with vital information. It can also be visualized as a nervous system that sends influxes of information from one department to another.

Regardless of how you visualize it, there is no doubt that a DMS is a critical requirement for any organization regardless of size. It constitutes the underlying layer connecting all the inputs and outputs of information and acts as a safe keeper of knowledge and archives of all forms.

Whether it’s at the service of a startup, a big business, a small “mom and pop” shop, a non-profit organization or a government unit, a document management system is a pivotal process in which every flow of information is dependent.


2. An overview of REV’s functionalities

Rev is a simple and yet very powerful document management system. At its core, it is a cloud-based, browser operated document management system. Its most striking feature is its user-friendliness. Rev can be used to store, search and share documents with the same ease with which you use email. Instead of the cloud, if you prefer to store your data on-premises then you can opt for the Rev Device. The Rev Device is a hardware appliance that you can plug into your network.  It gives users the same features with the same user experience as the Rev Cloud version.

Rev accounts can easily be created using existing logging credentials from Facebook, Google or LinkedIn or by registering and confirming an email address and a password. Scanning, capturing or importing documents and files is as easy as sending an email and customizable keywords allow users to index a large variety of types of documents (.jpg, .doc, .pdf, .png, .wav, .mov, etc.) into modular repositories that can be set according to the specific needs of the users. All the documents and files indexed into REV can then be retrieved, printed and shared with just a few clicks, which makes it one of the easiest and most user-friendly DMS on the market.


3. The benefits of REV

REV offers a multitude of benefits to your business and, as you go through this guide and discover all its intricacies, you will surely see that for yourself. In the meantime, here is a shortlist of some of its most obvious benefits, the top-5 reasons why choosing REV for your business or organization is a smart move:

3.1 Saving Time

Time is probably one of the most valuable commodities as it is in limited supply and is needed by everyone No money in the world can give you back the time wasted and time well spent can generate you a lot of wealth. Wasting your team’s time or yours on digging through some archives, fishing through storage boxes or scavenging through email inboxes to find an elusive piece of document that is suddenly greatly needed, all sound like a horrible idea if you can avoid it. Well, the good news is that you can avoid it…by using REV.REV streamlines the archival and retrieval process, thus saving large amounts of precious time for everyone involved. No need to dig, fish or scavenge anymore. Everything becomes readily available at the snap of your fingers, with a few simple clicks on a friendly and intuitive graphical user interface that makes it easy for you and your team to find what you are looking for in a record time.

Compared to other DMS, REV also saves time during the archival process by offering a powerful duplicatable and customizable indexing system that allows users to define very clearly the various elements that they wish to track (dates, clients, amounts, etc.). The ability to re-use those settings again and again, with minor modifications if needed, is another great time-saving tool. REV’s versatile system and the simplicity with which it can be deployed and scaled up offers an economy of time and ease of use.

3.2 Security & Backups

Preserving the integrity and security of information and keeping proper backups of critical files and documents has become one of the most vital aspects of business today. REV provides you with a higher and more granular level of control over sensitive documents thanks to a variety of parameters that allow you to define the permission level of each collaborator in your team. Access to documents can be controlled at the repository level for different groups or individuals and single use tokens can be generated to offer one-time access to external partners.

 REV runs on some of the most trusted cloud-based server providers in the industry as well as on its own system of local backups, the integrity of your documents is never at stake and you can feel confident about knowing that your information is properly secured and backed up in multiple copies by a trusted third party that respects the highest standards in security and conformity. This is of great value for you as you don’t need to worry about constantly making sure that you update drives or handle servers. REV does all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your business.


3.3 Collaboration & Team Management


One of REV’s most compelling benefits is the collaboration mechanisms. Sharing large numbers of repositories between multiple stakeholders with variable permission levels has never been so easy. Documents captured and indexed from different sources and in different formats can easily be simultaneously accessed from multiple locations on various types of devices. Whether it’s desktop browsers, mobile devices or programming terminals connected to REV’s API, a large spectrum of input and output points can be linked to the same repositories to digitize, browse, index and manage large amounts of documents and files in real-time.



3.4 Compliance & Disaster Recovery

If you’re in a highly regulated industry or work for organizations that deal with the government or are a part of it, you are well aware of how crucial compliance can be. REV is a key tool in your compliance efforts as it offers you all the proper mechanisms to make sure that you are following all the best practices in terms of being conformed to government standards. By allowing you to digitize and archive documents using proper keywords and highly secured mechanisms, REV makes it easy to respect some of the most stringent compliance standards and prevents any permanent loss in the event of a disaster. In case of fire, flood or any other disaster, all the documents and files have been properly indexed online and can be retrieved and reprinted with tremendous ease.


Non-conformance and failure to properly anticipate and prepare for disasters have a high cost. They can lead to fines, revoked licenses, and even criminal liability in some cases. For example, regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley / HIPAA in the US or GDPR in Europe, mandate strict security and privacy guidelines in terms of data permanence and data privacy. REV reduces the risk of non-compliance and makes it easy to be fully ready for any catastrophe by offering all the proper frameworks to ensure optimal storing and securing of documents. Every step of the way, the recording, and classification of new documents is greatly streamlined by REV, making it a lot easier for businesses and organizations to remain compliant and disaster-proof at all times with minimal investments.


3.5 Economy of Space

With real estate costs skyrocketing and corporate rental costs becoming very expensive variables in yearly operation budgets. The increasing cost of commercial property makes it particularly delicate to store large quantities of paper documents in warehouses. REV reduces the need for file cabinets, boxes and storage bins. In this context of scarcity of space, this is a tremendously valuable asset for your organization. As they are readily available on the cloud thanks to REV, documents that have to be kept as hard copies can be stored in less expensive locations, such as an offsite warehouse or vault using a matching indexing system linked to REV.