Release Notes for REV 3.6

The current build contains the following feature upgrades,


The option to ‘Update Workspace Users’ has a dedicated section

The ‘update workspace users’ button from the admin page of manage workspace has been moved to a separate section named ‘Team’ alongside ‘Image Repositories’ and ‘Configurations.’

Adding and inviting new users has been simplified

Adding new users to the workspace has been simplified. Workspace administrators can now add users,  assign roles and send invitations directly from the ‘Team’ tab under the admin page of manage workspace.

User names and linked email addresses 

Now workspace administrators can view which user has been added to the workspace via which specific email id. This information was not available in the earlier versions of REV.


Our engineering team is continuously working to provide you a better experience. The following are issues that currently exist in our software .
These will be resolved in future releases.


Scroll bar inside the indexing tab

The issue with scrolling to the save button in the indexing screen still remains when the index fields fill the users screen.

Cancel button does not work in Indexing Screen

Clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button to stop uploading images in the indexing screen does not work.

Ordering Issue in Search screen

Images added to a previously saved document get randomly ordered or placed instead of getting added after the last document in the batch.

Issue with delete shortcut using ‘Alt+Delete’

The shortcut combination of ‘Alt+Delete’ buttons to delete images works only for the first image  i.e only once and does not work beyond that.

Issues with assigning new users as Workspace Administrator

Assigning a newly added user to a workspace as an administrator removes the privileges of earlier admin users on the workspace.

Ordering of Images added to already existing documents

When new images are added to already existing documents in the search screen, ideally the new images should show up at the end of the older images.

This is currently broken in REV.

Send a copy of REV invite email to admin in the ‘Team’ tab

When administrators create a new user and click on the check box to send a copy of the REV invite email to themselves. It does not work as intended.