Release notes for REV

This build contains the following improvements,

  1. Page count information in search view is displayed distinctly and clearly

When we run a search query in Rev and the result list is displayed, the first column is ‘pages’ which denotes the page count in each listed document. The number of pages contained in each document was not very clear in our earlier builds and we received feedback from our users asking to make it distinct and clearer. The page count information is now displayed distinctly and clearly.

  1. New feature of ‘wild card search’ has been incorporated into Rev

Until the previous build users could look up documents in Rev using suggestive and partial values for text fields. As requested by our users we have incorporated the ‘wild card search’ feature in this release. It allows users to search for text values using an asterisk (*) to specify any number of characters, especially when you want to search for variable values around a root word.

  1. Clear ‘Search Form’ by a single click

In our previous build users had to individually clear the search values form the different fields in order to update their search criteria in Rev. We have added a ‘Clear’ icon adjacent to the smaller search icon on the right-hand corner of the search form. It gives users the option to clear the search form in a single click.

  1. ‘Search’ and ‘clear’ icons on search page have been made bigger and more prominent

We have considerably increased the size of the ‘Search’ and ‘clear’ icons on Rev search page to make it much more convenient for users to navigate to them and click on them.

  1. Users can now ‘Update multiple documents’ at one go in Rev

This feature allows users to select multiple documents in the search listings using the ‘Shift’ and ‘Ctrl’ keys just as in a windows environment and update all the selected documents at a one go.

  1. Users can now ‘sort multiple columns’ in search results

Previous build allowed users to sort search results one column at a time. Users had requested for the option to be able to sort search results using multiple columns. Keeping this request in mind, we have incorporated this added functionality into this release.

  1. Search speed has been restored to within 3 seconds

Due to higher loads on our infrastructure, the average search performance had degraded to 8 -12 seconds, we have upgraded our infrastructure and restored the average search time to within 3 seconds.

  1. After saving an image, the cursor moves to the first empty indexing field

This was an annoying little bug that existed in our earlier build  during ‘batch image capture,’ where after an image was saved into the selected repository, the cursor stayed in the last empty indexing filed. This has been resolved in this release and the cursor now moves to the first empty indexing field.

  1. Session timeout duration has been fixed

By default, the Rev active session duration is set to 15 minutes i.e. if there is no activity in your Rev account continuously for 15 minutes, you are logged out of your account. This time can be customized as per the user’s requirement. This feature was not working in the previous build and has now been restored.


Our engineering team is continuously working to provide you a better REV experience. Following are few limitations in our software that we hope will be fixed in our upcoming release.
  1. Email and fails for files sizes larger than 20 MB

Emailing images works for file sizes up to 20 MB but fails for images which are lager in size than 20 MB. Please download pdfs while we fix this issue.

  1. Deleting images in capture has some glitches

a). After we delete an image in capture rev stops responding to keyboard commands such as page down and ‘alt+dlete.’ Please hit the tab key or ‘shift tab’ key after deleting images in capture to resume using keyboard commands page down and alt + delete until we resolve this issue.

b). In a batch if we scroll to image number 10 and delete it image number 11 should come into focus next, instead focus moves to image number 1 in the batch. Please manually scroll to the required image number after deleting until we fix this issue.