Release notes for our latest REV build (

This build contains the following improvements,



  • Indexes within a repository can be rearranged


              The addition of this feature comes in response to request from our users to be able to rearrange indexes within a repository. Now users can move indexes within a repository and create the index layout order as it best suits their requirements.



  • Repositories are now listed in alphabetical order in Indexing Screen and Search Screen


               In our previous build, repositories in the drop down menu in the ‘Indexing Screen’ and ‘Search Screen’ were listed as per the time and date they had been created. A lot of our users wanted these to be listed in an alphabetical order.  This new feature has been added in this build. The order or preference is numerals, text characters beginning with caps and then text characters beginning with non- caps.



  • Better user role management


              This new feature will enable REV workspace admin to  better manage user roles. Now users with a given role can be selectively granted permissions to view index fields based on role requirements instead of all users having access to all index fields.



Our engineering team is continuously working to provide you a better REV experience. The following are a few limitations in our software that we hope will be fixed in our upcoming release.


  • Repository Layout  in Manage Workspace 


The layout of repositories which have been created using identical templates get rearranged in a similar manner under ‘manage workspace’ when index fields for any one of them are moved and rearranged.