How the Rev-Salesforce integration works?

  1.   Rev runs inside Salesforce

Rev for Salesforce is distributed as a Custom lightning component that can be embedded in any Salesforce object layout. It runs inside the Salesforce app and can be fully integrated with it. Users can use Salesforce credentials to login to Rev.


  1. Security is handled by Salesforce

Rev- Salesforce integration can use Salesforce security. It is also possible to add Rev document level security to follow Salesforce object security for Rev documents connected to Salesforce objects.

  1. Manage documents from within Salesforce

Rev-Salesforce integration gives users the option to attach documents to your clients portfolio in Salesforce directly. Users can browse and attach files and drag and drop files and scan files to add to existing clients from within Salesforce. The integration gives users the option to seamlessly navigate between Rev and Salesforce form within each application.


  1. Manage documents outside of Salesforce

Rev can act as an independent document management software so that we can have all office files managed there also in addition to the client documents. It has the capacity to add repositories (Repositories are digital cabinets for your electronic files) for file management outside of Salesforce as well. For example, users can create specific repositories to manage documents for their own organisations and create separate repositories for handling client documents.

  1. Easy and customized Integration and Deployment

Rev- Salesforce integration is flexible and has a simple interface. This makes it very easy to deploy and use. It can be customized as per your industry and specific needs. Rev is available as a partner app in Salesforce appexchange.


  1. Supports batch scanning and processing

Many organisations have to use different software for document management and batch scanning . (Batch scanning is the process of scanning hundreds of physical paper documents using an image scanner and indexing them into separate documents whereas document management is the process of managing electronic files and saving them with indexes so that users can search for them using those indexes and share those documents as required.) Rev is a complete document management solution and supports both, batch scanning as well as document management. It can be customized to store your data either in the cloud or locally or a combination of both. Therefore Rev- Salesforce simplifies your overall document management processes and eliminates the need for multiple products.