Create your account and log into Rev


Welcome to REV, let’s get started with setting it up for you.


The first thing you will need is a REV account and you can create one using any one of these options:


  1. Sign up using Facebook.
  2. Sign up using LinkedIn.
  3. Sign up using Google.
  4. Create a new profile.

1. Sign up using Facebook.

Select the Log in with Facebook button. You will be redirected to a window where you can insert your Facebook login credentials. Once you have confirmed your Facebook username and password (which will not be communicated to us and will only be used to confirm your identity using Auth0, a secure and certified authentication app), you will automatically be directed back to REV.If it’s your first time using Auth0, Facebook will prompt you to authorize it to collect a few basic information such as your email address and your name. This verification is a standard process and these information are solely to identify you. The app will not post under your name and will only collect what you authorize it to.

2. Sign up using LinkedIn.

Select the Log in with LinkedIn button.You will be redirected to a window where you can insert your Linkedin login credentials to validate your identity (your password remains private and will not be communicated to us. It will prompt LinkedIn to confirm your identity and send us your basic profile information and picture using Auth0’s system). Once this step is completed, you will automatically be directed back to REV to get started.


3. Sign up using Google.

You will be redirected to a window where you can insert your Google login credentials to allow Auth0 to identify you (here again, your password will remain private).

Once this step is complete, you will automatically be directed back to REV to get started.


4. Create a new profile.

At the top right of the login menu in the middle of the screen, select “Sign Up”. At the bottom of this menu, you will find a field to input your email and another one, right underneath, to create a password. That password needs contain a minimum of 8 characters. At least one of these characters must be in uppercase, at least one must be in lowercase and at least one must be a numerical character.


Once you have composed a password that is compliant with these rules, press enter and a validation email will be sent to the inbox linked with that email address. Once you have validated it, using the verify link or the orange “verify your account” button at the bottom of the email, you can refresh the REV page and log in using the email and password that you just created.

Welcome Screen

Once you’ve successfully created your profile and logged in, you will see the ‘Rev welcome screen’, which has a picture of a happy data clerk carrying multiple files that he just indexed using REV. He saved a lot of time and energy using REV and that explains the large smile on his face. You too can be happy like him by saving time and energy using REV’s customizable repositories.


First, you will need to decide whether you wish to use REV for personal use and/or for business use by checking the appropriate check boxes. If you choose to use it for business use, three additional check boxes will appear and be checked by default.

  1. Accounts Receivable
  2. Accounts Payable
  3. Employee Files


These are the most commonly used repositories, which are like headings under which you will archive your various documents. These standard repositories are there solely as suggestions to get you started. Once you get started with Rev you can customize these repositories as you want them. This feature makes it really simple to do batch processing using REV as it can be fully customized to handle large quantities of documents destined to various repositories.Once you have selected the appropriate checkboxes, just hit the Start button at the bottom right of that window and it will take you to the  Index Screen. This is one of the two basic interfaces that allow you to navigate REV. The other one is the Search Screen. We will get back to that one shortly. For now, let’s explore the Index Screen
In the top right corner you will find a rounded rectangle (filled with your picture or the first two letters of the name associated to your email, depending on which of the 4 types of  login credentials you used to sign up). If you hit the downward pointing arrow on its right, a drop-down menu will appear with all your account settings.This menu is contextual, which means that it offers different  options whether you are currently navigating the Index Screen or the Search Screen.
Many different configurations and settings can be accessed through this menu but for the moment, let’s bring our attention to one of the most convenient features of REV: the ability to rearrange your layout. To do so, you will move the “rearrange layout” toggle. It’s the second element from the top in the drop down menu. To move it, just click or tap in the grey zone on its right where it says “off”. It will slide the toggle to the right and the word “done” will appear on a green background on its left side. This will shift the color of the windows in your interface from light blue to light pink.
You can now resize them by moving their corner and their frame. You can also select each window and drag it around, one at a time, on the screen to reconfigure the layout in a way that feels more comfortable for you. When you feel like you’ve reorganized it in a way that feels optimal, just hit one of the blue button that says “done editing” in the middle of each window.