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Search and Modify Documents

  Originally published @ Users can search for any document in Rev with just a few clicks. If they know what repository they have indexed their images into they can just go ahead and select that repository. If they are not sure about the repository in which they have indexed their images, they can use the Rev multi repository search feature which provides them with the option to run a search across multiple repositories. When a user selects a repository to search for documents, all the indexing fields contained in that repository are listed as search fields. Users have the option to search for documents using any one or all of the combinations of these search fields. Rev search also provides them with the option to search for documents using exact or partial matches for Read More

Share Images from Rev

Originally published @ Rev is a very versatile tool. In addition to being able to index and search for documents, users also have the option to print images and to share them using email. Users might need to share an indexed document with individuals in the same location or outside of their organization. This can be done just as easily. The option to email and print images from Rev saves users valuable time and resources. Instead of having to physically send over documents to different locations, users can select and send everything they need fully digitally. This feature gives users the option to instantaneously share any documents with anyone around the world with no time lag whatsoever. Users have the option to prin Read More

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