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How to add another user to your REV workspace

You can add multiple users to your Rev work-space and assign them specific access permissions to your repositories. To add another user to your work-space   (1) Log into REV and go to  Manage workspace under user settings (2) Choose the Configurations Tab (3) Give a unique name to your workspace Creating users requires that you have given a unique name to your workspace. If you try to create a user without first creating a unique name, REV will display an error "Custom name required". If you encounter this error, enter a custom name for your workspace and then perform the previous step again. (4) After giving a unique name to your workspace click on 'update workspace users' Read More

Managing user roles and permissions

Originally published @ A typical business organisation has numerous departments such as sales, accounting, human resources and so on. They also have a huge number of documents containing critical information related to their business. They process old documents and generate new ones every day. These documents contain valuable information related to the financials of the business such as client information and employee details. Therefore, these documents need to be treated in the most secure manner. Individuals in every department don’t need to access all the information in those documents. For example, account managers don’t necessarily need to access documents and information related to the human resources dep Read More

Setting up Custom Values for Indexes in Rev

Originally published at Rev is a powerful and versatile tool that can be modulated to adapt to the specific needs of each users. One on the many ways this can be done is by defining and setting up custom values for the indexing fields. This greatly streamlines the indexing process as it offers indexing values that pertain specifically to the documents instead of generic values that might not offer the same level of preciseness.   For users who process hundreds of images in a single day, this feature can be tremendously useful as it allows them to select from a list of predefined values instead of having to constantly type in the same indexing details every time they process a new document. Read More

Working with Repositories in Rev

Originally published @ Rev is built like a system of filing cabinets. Each drawer is called a repository. Repositories are where a user’s documents are stored. Therefore, to start using Rev to manage your documents, after signing up, make sure that you create repositories to index your documents into. Having in mind the constantly evolving and dynamic nature of business, Rev understands that users might want to make changes to their existing repositories along the way. That’s why it comes packed with amazing features which allows you to customize your existing repositories to keep your work organized and updated. Each repository can be edited using a series of very convenient features. The basic ones are pretty straightforward: Rename a repository: allows yo Read More

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