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Auto timed out in REV

REV is set to automatically logout after 15 minutes of inactivity on behalf of the user. If a user is working on a document on their screen, their appears as shown in the image below. [caption id="attachment_1755" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] This is how the indexing screen appears in REV[/caption] If for any reason they move away from their screens/devices for more than 15 minutes, they will automatically be logged out of REV. When they log back in to REV they will see the screen in the image below where the image that the user was working on is no longer active and instead they see a placeholder thumbnail. This happens because your REV login session has been timed out and the access to the image open on your screen gets ti Read More

Advanced Search Defaults

This feature allows users to define a default search criteria for a specific field in a repository. Let us select the ‘Accounts Payable’ repository and the ‘invoice number’ index field  A client of ours had been using a legacy document management system. They had to add ‘0’ prefix to all invoice numbers just for the system to be able to read the values. Now whenever they had to look up any document in this repository using the invoice number criteria, they had to type the ‘0’ prefix with the rest of the value. They moved to REV in the beginning  of this year and asked us if we could help them with this issue. We came up with this feature , ‘advanced search default’ using which we can define the search function in REV to show up all values for the ‘invoice number’ index field with or without a ‘0’  prefix.   Read More

How to print, download or email documents from Rev

The documents we work with on a daily basis need to be accessed by other people as well. They might be within your organisation or outside your organisation. You can do this with the help of REV’s print, download and email features.   Download Original Copy of an Image/Document       Users can download the original version of an image/document in REV from indexing and search screens.  Single image/document - users can just go to the image/document in either indexing or search screen and click on the gear shaped icon on the right hand corner of the image and then click on ‘Download original’ Read More

Raise a support ticket in REV

We are continuously working to provide you with a flawless experience. We are also well aware that despite our best efforts there is chance that you might come across an issue where you need our help to resolve it. It is really simple to raise a support ticket. Just follow these steps.   Log into your REV account and click on the ‘show help topics’ icon in the shape of a question mark next to the user settings icon in REV. This opens the support articles related to the REV screen you are currently on. For e.g. if you click on the support icon while in the search screen, you will see support articles related to the REV’s search functionality. These articles contain answers to most frequently asked questions from our users. In most cases users f Read More

Login into REV (for users with a custom REV domain)

Please follow these steps to log into REV using the login id and password that you have received in your email. Click and open the custom REV link that you have received using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. It will look something like  This will take you to your REV ‘sign-in’ page as shown in the image below.     On the ‘sign-in’ page click on the ‘sign-in’ button. This will open the login page as shown in the image below. Here enter the login id and password that you have received in your email and click on ‘Log in.’ Read More

Change your REV password

Note: REV works best with these browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.   Please follow these steps to change your REV password, Go to the REV sign-in page and click on ‘sign-in’ button.  If you are already logged into REV then go to user settings and logout of REV and then go to the sign-in page .         When you click on the sign-in button you will be asked ‘Last time you logged in with’ and your user id (for e.g. is displayed and below that it asks ‘Not your account?’ Go ahead and click on ‘Not your account?’ Read More

How to add another user to your REV workspace

You can add multiple users to your Rev work-space and assign them specific access permissions to your repositories. To add another user to your work-space   (1) Log into REV and go to  Manage workspace under user settings (2) Choose the Configurations Tab (3) Give a unique name to your workspace Creating users requires that you have given a unique name to your workspace. If you try to create a user without first creating a unique name, REV will display an error "Custom name required". If you encounter this error, enter a custom name for your workspace and then perform the previous step again. (4) After giving a unique name to your workspace click on 'update workspace users' Read More

Wild Card Search

The 'wild card search' feature in Rev gives users the option to search for text values using an asterisk (*) to specify any number of characters followed by a minimum of three known characters. This feature comes especially handy when you want to search for variable values around a root word or number (which has been setup as a text field). The following example demonstrates how this feature works and how it can be used. Example: Let us search for all documents with employee numbers that end in "723" Open Rev search and type "*723" in the employee number search field and click on search     The search lists all documents which have employee numbers ending in "723" as shown in the picture below.   Read More

Sorting results in REV

In the search results view, by default the documents are ordered by "Modified date". We can sort the results by other index fields by clicking on the column header. Clicking on the column header : a) for the first time, sorts that column in an alphabetically ascending order. b) Clicking on it again sorts the same column in descending order. c) Clicking yet another time removes any "sorting" from that column. Multiple columns can be sorted. For example assuming if we want to sort our Receipts repository by "Store" followed by "expiration date", we will click once on the Store column header, and then click twice on the "expiration date" column header. REV remembers your sorting preferences across sessions and will present your search results in y Read More

What is ‘Print to Rev’ and how to use it?

What is ‘Print to Rev?’ Rev’s ‘Print to Rev’ feature eliminates the need to print files, images and documents that need to be indexed and have not yet been printed. It gives users the option to import images open in applications such as MS Word, PDF files, notepad, Excel Sheet, Google Docs that have an option to print, directly into Rev, thereby eliminating the need to print them. How to use ‘Print to Rev?’ Please follow the following steps to use ‘Print to Rev’ Open the image or document that you want to import into Rev on your screen Click on the print command in the application in which the image is open, such as Word, Excel, Notepad, Google Docs, Tiff, JPEG or PNG Select ‘Print to Rev’ as your printer and click on ‘Print,’ Click on ‘Print to Rev’ in the ‘Print to Rev’ dialog Read More